The Nagykanizsa Asset Managemnet Plc. is a municipal company responsible for the real property asset of Nagykanizsa. In an effective collaboration with other municipal firms our well-prepared colleagues perform tasks have never been assured before.

The main tasks of our firm can be divided into four divisions.

Real estate management

Operation and letting of residential and non-residential properties of the Municipality of Nagykanizsa.

Common representation

Common representation in near 70 condominiums.

Industrial Park

Management and sale of the industrial properties of Nagykanizsa.

Business Incubator and Innovation Centre

Management of the Business Incubator and economic development.

Industrial Park and Logistics Centre

The Municipality of Nagykanizsa established the Nagykanizsa Industrial Park and Logistics Centre in 2000.

The competitiveness of the Industrial Park lies in its unique geographical position since it lies alongside the European traffic corridors No V. and No V/B besides the M7 Motorway on more than 100 hectares.

The possibilities offered by its logistics and the modern business and financial infrastructure provide an engaging environment for the settled companies and for those who are aiming to settle in.

Please, read the information package on the business environment of Nagykanizsa here.

Properties for Sale

Prices and Allowances

The target price of the estates within the area of the Industrial Park is 4000 HUF/m2 +VAT. According to the Local Government Edict a remarkable financial support can be received depending on the volume of the investment and the number of workers a firm hires (as being de minimis, the support cannot exceed 200.000 € within 3 fiscal years).

The possible amount of the support is represented in the following chart.

Value of the investment (Million HUF)
Increase in the number of workers 50-100 101-500 500-
5-20 0%-20% 20%-35% 35%-50%
21-50 5%-25% 25%-40% 40%-55%
51-100 10%-30% 30%-45% 45%-60%
101- 15%-40% 40%-55% 55%-70%
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